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Electro fishing, Netting and Fish removals -

We use High voltage electro fishing equipment allowing us to catch in nearly any water and river in the UK. Whilst electro fishing we work for you on a day rate whether it's removing pike or just checking you stock levels.

Some lakes are more suitable to netting and depending on the target species may be recommended in preference to electro fishing. We carry a variety of nets varying in depth and weight for heavily silted and weeded bottoms. Depending on species water temperature should be 10 degrees C or less, this way safe guards the welfare of the fish. Again all our nets and equipment are fully disinfected before and after use.

When the fish have been caught they can be held in specially designed fish cage again preventing damage before removing are releasing back into the pond, lake and reservoir.

Pond / river clearance, dredging and bank reconstruction -

If left unmanaged, ponds can silt up, become overgrown and clog up with fallen trees, old shopping trolleys, bikes and other junk. All this leads to a poor environment for any aquatic life. We can either point you in the right direction by way of consultation, or clear and clean the water and surrounding area. We use diggers, silt pumps, silt traps and biological methods for de-silting of ponds and water courses.


Pond and river bank reconstruction by




Our team also has experience in reconstructing river banks using weaved willow or timber, reclaimed from old piers and jetties along the Humber bank. Both of these materials help slow erosion and are environmentally friendly compared to other alternatives such as steel piles. The use of concrete can be used when water levels can be safely lowered.

























A well managed pond
Weed Control -

We offer two effective methods of aquatic weed control - chemical and mechanical.

When applying chemicals we fully abide to the NPTC regulation and will have Environment Agency consents in place. Our spray technicians our qualified with certification for PA1, PA 2a, PA5a and PA6.

Application via knapsack, broadcaster or by hand from boat or land we can control submerged and surface weeds. We have spray application and broadcasting equipment which are both quad bike and boat mountable, allowing access to all areas. Therefore not only being able to control aquatic plant growth but also weed growth in paddocks, driveways, hedgerows and car parks.

Mechanical controls involve the cutting of weeds under the surface using hand held and boat mounted motorised equipment as well as hand operated weed blades. After the weed is cut and removed from the water you will be able to enjoy fishing again.

We would never recommend the total removal of pond weed as plants produce oxygen and supply natural food for aquatic life.

Fish transport from

Fish Transportation -

We deliver and transport fish anywhere in the country. Whether they're your own fish or ones purchased from us, they will be looked after by one of our experienced transport team. Our vehicles are fully maintained and serviced. The two towing trucks are fitted with tachos and hands free phone kits and we are fully compliant with the 'Animal in transport welfare act'.
The smooth walled insulated transport tanks and the air and oxygen systems help maintain a stress free environment for the fish in transit. Additional Oxygen and equipment is carried at all times.


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